International Rates

Our Top 5

Country Rate $10/Minutes
Guatemala 8.2¢ 122 min
Honduras 12.4¢ 81 min
Honduras Cellular 14.9¢ 67 min
El Salvador 9.9¢ 101 min
Haiti 25.9¢ 39 min



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  1. *Rates are Subject to Change

    Rates are based on single, non-payphone call from the United States to a landline phone in the chosen country destination using local access.   Rates shown are subject to change without notice. Listed destinations are for landlines except where noted.

    Important: when calling from a cell phone DO NOT PRESS “SEND” after entering the destination number as this might result in additional charges from your wireless provider. Your wireless carrier may assess roaming or long distance charges when calling a local access number – please check the details of your plan with your provider.