Don't Take Our Word for it. Take Theirs.


There are a lot of different reasons why you should be be using Boss Revolution, to learn just a few of them click on the toggles below to learn more.

  1. Stop Dialing Pins

    Never dial a PIN Number again. You can register up to 10 phone numbers-home, cell, office or even numbers of family. All you have to do is dial the access number and Boss Revolution automatically recognizes the number.

  2. Save with our Revolutionary Rates

    Boss Revolution makes saving money easy!  You get the most for your money, most competitive rates for the country without any gimmicks.  That’s right, no additional fees, no strange minute rounding, no monthly fees, and no expiration dates.  In other words, Boss Revolution comes with no surprises!

  3. Use it From Any Phone, any Carrier

    Use Boss Revolution from anywhere you wish whether it be home, office or on the go.

  4. Manage Your account online

    Your online account will enable you to manage your records, transactions, and view  your call history at your convenience.

  5. Set up Auto Recharge

    Never run out of talk time with the auto-recharge feature.  You can sign up to get your account automatically recharged, and every time your balance falls below $3 it will be recharged at the amount you choose.

  6. Choose your Local Access Number

    With Boss Revolution  you will spend less and receive more. We have set up local access numbers to make Boss Revolution easy to use and cost efficient.  When you register, you will be assigned a non-toll Personal Access Number for your calling use.  This number will be sent to you immediately upon account opening.  It will also be available to you on your My Account page in our free online Account Center.

    For your convenience, we offer a nationwide toll-free access number.

  7. Stop Paying Fees or Hidden Charges

    Remember there are no tricks with Boss Revolution!  You don’t have to worry about any hidden fees!  The rate you see is the rate you’ll get.

  8. Forget About Expirations

    Afraid of losing your balance if you don’t use it?  No need to worry – Boss Revolution has this covered.  You’ll have your minutes in your account as long as you don’t use them!

  9. Talk with Incredible Quality

    We provide our service through IDT’s state-of-the-art network which routes millions of international minutes daily. IDT is known worldwide as the most aggressive, flexible and quality-driven company in the telecom arena.

  10. Dial Faster With Speed Dial

    You can program the telephone numbers that you dial most often into your account’s memory. That way, when you call a registered speed dial number, you only have to press the speed dial code followed by the pound key.